Precision grinding machines since 1923 for tool manufacturing for profile and production grinding tasks


J. SCHNEEBERGER Maschinen AG develop and produce the most modern CNC grinding machines for the manufacturing and re-grinding of cutting tools and the production of a variety of precision parts.

SCHNEEBERGER is represented in all important markets with their own sales and service branch offices or qualified partners. The customers include companies from tool manufacturing, the automotive industry and its suppliers, from general machine builders, the aerospace industry, energy technology and job shop.

Efficient manufacturing as well as economical re-grinding of cutting tools on SCHNEEBERGER machines

Tool Grinding

  • Milling Cutters
  • Drills
  • Indexable Inserts
  • Reamers
  • Broach Tools
  • Threading Tools (Taps)
  • Hobs and Shaping Cutters
  • Bevel Gear Hob and Inserts
  • Wood and Composite
  • Burrs

Component Grinding

  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • Internal Grinding
  • Thread Grinding
  • Globoid Cams Curves
  • Medical Equipment
  • Gear Rack
  • Non-round / Contour Grinding
  • Profile Cylindrical Grinding
  • Spline Grinding
  • Curling Tool and Rolling Tool
  • Machine Knives and Punches
  • Compressor Screws 

End mills

QUINTO Qg1 contains a database for all popular end mills types for producing or resharpening.

Thanks to the NTTE function, the finished tool is just a few steps away. There are numerous software tools available to provide support for the tooling engineer.

Drills and Threading Tools (TAP)

Efficient manufacturing as well as economical re-grinding of all drills on SCHNEEBERGER machines.

Comprehensive standards with the programming and with the grinding of all popular shapes of: Drills, step drills, lance drills, center drills, gun drills, counterbores and many more.

Programs that are ready to use for grinding are provided for all types of drills. With just a few steps, these can be edited for the specific geometries and process parameters and compiled for the desired drill.

Threading tools per DIN/ANSI or customer-specific. Metric or imperial threads. Trapezoidal, round and saw tooth.


Gear Cutting Tools

Production and regrinding of gear manufacturing tools with SCHNEEBERGER. Rapid, precise and secure.

Whether DIN/ISO or ANSI/AGMA or customer-specific – Quinto Qg1 rises to the challenge.

Broach tools

Broach tools can be efficiently manufactured and economically re-ground on SCHNEEBERGER machines.


Production and regrinding of high-precision reamers with SCHNEEBERGER.

QUINTO Qg1 is ideally suited to the grinding of all shapes of reamers. Simple procedure for creating standard or profile shapes as well as different types of cuts. 


Efficient manufacturing of all shapes of turning inserts on SCHNEEBERGER machines.

With QUINTO Qg1, SCHNEEBERGER provides comprehensive intelligence for the grinding of all shapes of turning inserts.
Powerful software tools support both experts and less experienced users with the creation of complex turning inserts



All burr geometries per DIN 8033 with chip breaker and with or without tooth groups.

Manufacturing of various versions of burrs – cylindrical, flame, cylindrical with radius end, conical ball, round arch, cylindrical structure, projectile, conical pointed, drop-shaped and angled (shape A/B/C/D/E/F/etc.), can also be undertaken with ease thanks to the Qg1 support. Used in general manufacturing or in medical engineering as well as dental technology as carbide or in HSS version.

Wood and composite

All wood and plastic processing tools can be efficiently manufactured and economically re-ground on SCHNEEBERGER machines.

SCHNEEBERGER has many years of experience and expertise in the grinding of all popular tools for wood, plastic and fiber composites. Whether planer heads, end mills and granulate cutters, wood and floor/wall plug drills, dovetail cutters, profile cutters and router bits, Qg1 can do it all!

Component grinding

Production of high-precision components in a single clamping thanks to the flexible 5-axis machine concept.

Comprehensive support with the programming, the selection of the processes and with the grinding of all popular shapes in combination or individually for: Components and workpieces with profiles, grooved shafts, cylindrical grinding, thread grinding, grinding from 3D data, 5-face processing.

Integrated robotics ensures reliable and flexible automation.

Profile Knife Grinding on Schneeberger CNC Tool Grinding Machine