As a member of the DVS TECHNOLOGY GROUP we develop and produce machine tools for the machining and optimisation of gearings. The focus is on gear wheels, synchronous parts and shafts of vehicle gearboxes. The milling of latching grooves, backings and gearings is just as much part of the our technology portfolio as taper cutting, gear grinding as well as gear cutting using highly productive Power Skiving technology. In the sector of gear honing, the leading technology used to optimise toothed surfaces, we’re the world’s market and technology leader.

PRÄWEMA SYNCHROFINE 205 / 305 power honing machines

PRÄWEMA performance honing of gears is a very precise and economical process for hard-fine machining of external gears up to a pitch circle diameter of approx. 150 mm. The ceramic-bonded dressable honing rings and the directly driven tool and workpiece spindles enable a high stock removal rate and guarantee very precise accuracies

PRÄWEMA SYNCHROform milling machines

Praewema SynchroForm machines are capable of doing multi-operations like continuous chamfering, push cutting chamfer, shifter stop (back taper) milling, turning, removal of secondary burr (eliminates calibration broaching), face groove milling, fly cutting, hobbing, drilling, roll deburring and push chamfer. The machines are tailor made and the configuration changes as per the operations required to produce the components.

PRÄWEMA power skiving Machines

Skiving is used for the gearing of workpieces with constraining contours and thus replaces the gear shaping method. The process can be used for both internal and external gearing. During skiving, the workpiece and tool axes work in a continual process, whereby the two axes are at an angle (o) to one another

PRÄWEMA SYNCHROform milling Process

PRÄWEMA SYNCHROform milling Process

Possibility of combining in an economical way different technologies in one Prawema SynchroForm machine to achieve an economical manufacturing of the parts.